God, why am I here?

God, why am I here?

Jesus said: “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” Compare these words of Jesus to typical statements found in suicide notes  left by teenagers: “I hate my life!” or “My life has no meaning.” Obviously there is a HUGE disconnect.

This disconnect between so many of us and God is that we have either deliberately chosen to turn our backs on Him or been blinded to Him through the deliberate actions of others.  The godless leaders of society try daily  (often successfully) to drive in a bigger and bigger wedge between you and God. Prayer is taken out of schools with irrefutable and tragic consequences. References to God are removed from any and every public arena at every opportunity.  Things once considered depraved less than forty years ago are now taught in the classroom as not only being acceptable but actively promoted to young, impressionable children.  Even though the laws of the land are based upon the Ten Commandments, the Commandments themselves cannot be displayed in a courtroom!  Any pretension to having faith in God is dismissed in the halls of academia as verging on lunacy.  Atheism is presented through the state-sponsored, faith-based hypothesis of evolution. Is it any wonder the young people of this nation are so despairing, even of life itself.

Of all the questions submitted for this campaign, “God, why am I here?” has to be of the question of greatest significance.  The individuals who have contributed financial support to Bus Stop Bible Studies and bring these messages to you do so, not because they have a hidden agenda or a “good deeds mentality”, it is quite simply because they have found the answer to this “Life Question” and, realizing the enormity and extravagance of the pearl of great price they have found, want to share it with others.

If we earnestly seek the God, He “…is not far from each one of us.”

There is a children’s video character called the Doughnut Man.  The essence [and simplicity] of his message is that we’re all like doughnuts with a whole in the middle.  Without each of us finding The Timbit [God] taken from our middle we will never be complete.  There is a God-shaped void in each of us and, until that void is filled, we will continue to ask the question, “Why am I here?”  There is only One answer.  A few say they lead fulfilled lives apart from God but, in reality, the things that bring fulfillment are only distractions from the ultimate fulfillment that is found through the person of Jesus Christ alone.  Jesus said that when we come to Him, he will give us “living water” and then goes onto say:

“…whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Not only will you find out the answer to “Why am I here?”, you will also become a spring that will help fill others and guide them to the pearl of great price.

Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian truly is. But, those who have sincerely committed themselves to Jesus Christ, what Jesus describes as being born again, have a confidence that is sometimes perceived as bordering on arrogance.  But this confidence does not come from some mindless exercise or other-worldly experience, rather it comes form a one-on-one encounter with the almighty, all-loving, Creator of the universe – and you.  Once you have experienced God’s Love, forgiveness and peace you will have a similar confidence that can never be taken away.  God made you for the purpose of knowing you and loving you.  Do you believe this?

If you want the answer to, “God, why am I here?” shout it out to God at the top of your voice and from the bottom of your heart.  He will surely answer.

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  • Roger left comment on June 4, 2010 at 2:26 am

    “Atheism is presented through the state-sponsored, faith-based hypothesis of evolution. Is it any wonder the young people of this nation are so despairing, even of life itself.”

    If life reproduces by passing on genes to its offspring, and these genes cause the offspring to display distinct variations which affect their ability to survive and pass on their own genes, and we can observe this process of adaptation of favourable traits through natural selection in nature through examples like the Peppered Moth displaying industrial melanism, why not acknowledge it?

    God probably doesn’t want His children to blind themselves to the amazing power and beauty of His creation, especially not because non-Christians want to understand it too. Evolution isn’t some horrible curse, it’s the reason why there are millions of different species all around us. We’ve learned something about the history of life on Earth, that doesn’t mean that life isn’t worth living, or that we can’t keep working for a better future for all of us.

    BSBS Comment: Roger, you actually repeat a key mistake that is so oft repeated. Any adaption of favourable traits is only through the corruption (mutation) or loss of genetic information (micro evolution) as a consequence of The Fall. For all the experimentation, with tens of thousands of generations of fruit flies for example, scientists have never been able to create/show the formation of new genetic material that would lead to a higher life form (macro evolution). Your Peppered Moth reference is simply a corruption of the evidence. The only thing science can confirm is the Biblical account that all life is reproduced from its own ‘kind’. For example, all the different breeds of dogs we see today originated with [probably] the wolf by human controlled selective breeding, however, no new genetic information has been introduced to a single breed of dog.

    There is no ‘scientific’ evidence for natural selection. It remains an hypothesis. The ONLY thing science can confirm is the Biblical account.

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