Does God care if I’m gay?

The content of this page has been removed.  It has become apparent that, while one is free to ask the question, “Does God care if I’m gay?” one is not so free to answer the question from a Biblical perspective.

It seems that the whole message of God’s justice and grace was being misinterpreted.  If anyone was offended by the original narrative we offer our sincerest apologies, this was never the intent.

This particular question has become a distraction to the purpose for which this entire program was created; that is to encourage individuals to consider their personal relationship with God and to seek Him.  We invite you to spend time on other pages on this site in that regard.

We now leave it to individuals to seek the answer to this particular question for themselves.

A response from the creator of the question is reproduced below.  No further commentaries on this subject will be posted.


David Harrison, President
Bus Stop Bible Studies

To the concerned riders of the T.T.C.,

In response to the feedback received for the advertisement “Does God care if I’m gay?” produced by Bus Stop Bible Studies, here is insight into the origin of this controversial question.

As an openly homosexual copy-writing student, I took this as an opportunity for my work to be published. I gave it an immense amount of thought before I even began to generate ideas for the entire campaign.

I wrote the question “Does God care if I’m gay?” because it was an important question that I asked myself when considering my sexual identity, and how it relates to the Bible.

During the entire process, there was great sensitivity given to my feelings regarding the passages that were posted for this question.

I cannot speak for everyone, but my hope was that Bus Stop Bible Studies would be able to provide a well-cited and direct answer, as with my own enquiries I found only ambiguous replies.

I do not endorse or agree with the response, but am tolerant and understand the answer’s origin. We as homosexuals ask for tolerance of our lifestyles, so we must also respect the lifestyles of others. For that is true equality.

It was not meant to offend. It was a real question from a real place.